Moving Forward

The Sunshine City

Rick Kriseman may be in his second and final term as mayor, but he continues to look forward toward a brighter future for not just St. Petersburg, but for our state and nation.
As mayor, he is focused on building on his accomplishments, completing several generational projects, and crafting a clear vision for St. Pete.

His goals also include continuing to reduce poverty and preparing the Sunshine City for a changing climate and rising tides through an Integrated Sustainability Action Plan and unprecedented infrastructure upgrades. He is also working to ensure St. Pete becomes a role model for alternative transportation through ‘Complete Streets’, water transit, and other eco-friendly options. He believes Florida’s urban cities should have the authority to work together on funding mass transit options.

Mayor Rick Kriseman is moving St. Pete forward, transforming neighborhoods and vital business corridors, adding green space throughout the city, building a safer, healthier and more inclusive city, and working closely with Pinellas County to ensure St. Pete’s public schools reach their full potential.

The Sunshine State

As a former state legislator, he remains focused on how state policies impact the quality of life of his residents and has traveled the state to help elect thoughtful, forward-looking public servants. As a big city mayor, Kriseman has been outspoken in challenging preemptive laws and the Florida Legislature’s attack on Home Rule powers. In a 2018 address to the Florida League of Cities, Mayor Rick Kriseman said:

“I don’t expect every elected official from the Panhandle to the Keys to share the same desire for a new government in Tallahassee…But shame on us if we don’t all desire a better and fairer state government – one that respects Home Rule, and the people who call our communities home; People who know that the best government is the one closest to them….let us be mindful of the progress we could be making, the lives we could be improving, and the environment we could be protecting if given the opportunity to do so without interference. That’s not just rhetoric. Preemption has consequences, and people are depending on us, their local leaders, now more than ever. They certainly aren’t counting on Washington.”

Florida is a special place. It is geographically, socially, and politically diverse – and that’s the beauty of it. Rick Kriseman believes we can best honor the Sunshine State and prepare it for an increasingly competitive world by empowering our cities, towns, and the people who live in them.


Rick Kriseman has never shied away from speaking out on national issues. He knows that St. Pete, like Florida, is a microcosm of the United States, and the words and actions emanating from our leaders in Washington, D.C. can have a profound impact on our communities. In 2015, following Donald Trump’s announcement to ban Muslims from entering the United States, Rick Kriseman made international news by countering with a tweet “barring” then-candidate Trump from entering St. Petersburg.

While the mayor’s tweet was in jest, it served as a signal to the world that Florida’s Sunshine City was indeed a welcoming place. Whether through his involvement in the U.S. Conference of Mayors, his work on climate change issues, or common sense gun laws, Rick Kriseman will continue to engage in some of the most intractable issues facing our nation.