Meet Rick

Rick Kriseman has tackled St. Pete’s biggest challenges. He promised to build a new police station for our officers and our community, resolve the stalemate with the Rays in order to keep the team in Tampa Bay, and build a world-class pier – and he delivered. 



Sunrise PAC is dedicated to continuing the success of Florida’s Sunshine City and helping to ensure progressive, forward-thinking candidates are elected to office.

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            [message] => "The Sun Coast Police Benevolent Association supports the move, which union president Jonathan Vazquez said would free up officers to handle more traditional calls and lead to “better outcomes to the most vulnerable citizens that we serve.” Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan praised St. Petersburg’s plan, calling it a “great idea” and vowing to follow up on what could become a model for the region. St. Petersburg also announced it would double deescalation training for officers, expand cultural awareness programs for recruits and civilian employees and add a representative from a local civil rights group to its hiring board."
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