Meet Rick

Rick Kriseman has tackled St. Pete’s biggest challenges. He promised to build a new police station for our officers and our community, resolve the stalemate with the Rays in order to keep the team in Tampa Bay, and build a world-class pier – and he delivered. 



Sunrise PAC is dedicated to continuing the success of Florida’s Sunshine City and helping to ensure progressive, forward-thinking candidates are elected to office.

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            [message] => In 2019, Mayor Rick Kriseman and Chief Anthony Holloway were joined by Leon Jackson in unveiling a plaque honoring The Courageous 12 inside the lobby of the new St. Petersburg Police Department. The future monument will be the second permanent installation in the city to honor these men. 

“Mr. Jackson and his fellow officers weren’t just courageous, they were resilient. It took several years before the U.S. Court of Appeals decided their case and afforded these men the rights they long deserved. The Courageous 12 made our police department and our entire city a better and fairer place, and it is an honor for me to help ensure they are properly honored and remembered for as long as the sun shines on our great city,” said Mayor Rick Kriseman.
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