Meet Rick

Rick Kriseman has tackled St. Pete’s biggest challenges. He promised to build a new police station for our officers and our community, resolve the stalemate with the Rays in order to keep the team in Tampa Bay, and build a world-class pier – and he delivered. 



Sunrise PAC is dedicated to continuing the success of Florida’s Sunshine City and helping to ensure progressive, forward-thinking candidates are elected to office.

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            [message] => Our police are out and about tonight talking with and listening to those protesting. Our community-oriented policing began in 2014 with Chief Holloway's 'Park, Walk, and Talk' initiative and continues today. 

Tips from the community to our police have increased by 653% under community-oriented policing (from 347 tips in 2013 to 2,614 last year). 

It's all about relationships.
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